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Monday, October 31, 2005

Shadow GM?

Much like shopping for our own next job, the Phillies' current vacancy position has allowed some level of fantasizing about what the future may hold. In the spirit of the holiday, nothing seems more appropriate than taking a simple idea and dressing it up in a variety of borrowed or bargain-basement bought clothing. Maybe we'll get into working on campaigns. Maybe the Phils will hire a guy with some flair and imagination for what has become, by all accounts, a job marked by a very mentally-boxed-in thought pattern. Maybe we'll get a raise. Maybe the Phils will move some of their blocks around and create a new core which actually equals or exceeds the sum of its parts. Maybe we'll get a shot of adrenaline in our professional life. Maybe the Phils will get a shot of adrenaline in their daily lives.

Or not.

With reports, from when and where still slightly unapparent to us, stating that American League geezer and Moneyball public enemy no.1 Pat Gillick currently occupying the most likely-to-accept slot, the good times for all us dreamers are coming to an end. Imagine all the people upset over hiring a practically-retired old-school executive to run a practically rudderless, old-school franchise steeped in losing tradition and devoid of innovation. Sure, seems like a good fit to us!

Why is this man's name even on the list? Over the weekend, David Montgomery was quoted as saying that a new GM ideally would have an open mind about the two major courses of thought: the old look-and-see mind and the new statistical approach. Both have their merits he said. After having such a discussion with annointed favorite Gerri Hunsicker, why in the name of Bull's BBQ would an old decrepit franchise hire an old decrepit candidate? It really makes little sense and if this follows as the Phils new direction, optimism will make for some lonely nights drinking away frustrations down the line.

Do the Phils, who plucked a PR consultant from the local news channel to try and decipher the deafing screams of disapproval from the public, really think their new, fresh, open mind is located in the body of a nearly 70-year-old hack who traded his farm system for a couple world serieses, bolted to the opposite coast for a cushy executive job, and has spent more then the appropriate level of energy ripping and blasting the most lauded fresh look at baseball scouting and operations of the last 10 years? DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE! ERROR!

For a franchise that fails so miserably to connect with the local fanbase or attach itself to the personality of the city to go out and hire a dinosaur from outside the country over a local wunderkind of sorts really begs the question:

Is this even a real job?


At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Tom Durso said...

Seriously, why not bring in DePodesta for a chat?

At 10:53 AM, Blogger gr said...

he's too young and lives in this country. why bother?


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