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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Someone's Got A Case of Wade-itis

This time around, it's Delco Daily Times columnist Jack McCaffery. Check out this paragraph from his column today:

If Ryan Howard does not sophomore-slump, and if Chase Utley continues his stampede toward becoming baseball’s foremost second baseman, and if Rowand adds that certain championship something in center, then there is reason to include the Phillies’ everyday eight in any conversation about worthy contenders. And should Mike Lieberthal and David Bell play to their capabilities, the Phillies’ lineup has the potential to dominate. So if Gillick’s plan is to see if all of that happens and then to adjust on the fly, it is not as outrageous as, say, panicking and paying the going eight-figure price for noted late-season wheezer Kevin Millwood.

Bleh!!! Give Jackeroo credit, though, he did manage to change it up a bit by slipping a "should" in before mentioning the Blackhole Sons in the middle sentence. Nonetheless, if he's begins to see stars swirling around Thomas Perez and develops expensive crushes on elderly middle relievers, he might want to fork over the co-pay and get some nice medication to play with.


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