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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Living in the Limelight

Last night's sweet-as-the-punch victory over the hated Mets provided a thousand-and-one big stories, but really, the one to focus on is unquestionably Brett Myers. Simply put, the Phils need an ace and they will not be underbid in the free agent market this year or next, so it stands to reason that as Myers enters his late 20s, the job is his for the taking. Helped by a quick offensive strike last night, Myers pitched the best game any of us has seen him pitch in a while for a few obvious reasons:

1. He out-pitched one of the best of the past 10 years.
2. He cruised through seven innings in a hitters' park against a potent offense.
3. In the eighth, with fatigue staring him in the face, he gave up the big one (a fairly cheap one at that), shook it off, and made the next three hitters look helpless.

Should the Phils make the playoffs this year, Myers has to be -- HAS TO BE -- the Game One starter and last night's performance will be what the team needs, the fans want, and the stage requires.

It is great to see that it is possible.


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