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Monday, October 31, 2005

Kid Dy-no-mite

Theo Epstein has resigned from the Boston Red Sox. Despite being a native New Englander, a lifelong Red Sox fan, and a bit pricey on the GM scale, the Phillies should contact him. They should make every effort to interview him and offer him a hand in guiding this franchise, despite his slight record and large-payroll experience. This kid has energy and passion not readily apparent in the other candidates the Phils have brought into the Cit. In order to convince Curt Schilling to accept a trade to Boston from Arizona (probably ot that hard in retrospect), he dined with Schilling at Schill's home on Thanksgiving. Can you imagine Pat Gillick doing that? Pass the yams and shut up, StandPat.

Of course, David Montgomery will not be interviewing Epstein. He will say to himself and perhaps even the media at some point that he felt Epstein wanted too much money and wasn't good fit for the organziation, but it will be entirely because he already has his own protege being groomed for the job, Ruben Amaro, Jr.

And that is truely the Phils' loss.


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