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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Moonshot is No Pie in the Sky?

CL knows what you're thinking and the answer is, "you're welcome." We opined, oh how we opined, a few weeks ago what it would be like to bring Moonshot Manny to town to patrol, sort of, the outfield and stalk the batter's box every few innings. Actually, we were just as enamored with his "girl power" which, in this case, means his ability to draw alot of sassy sweethearts the ballpark, but who gives a rat's ass what was on our mind, perhaps we were on to something for once?

It appears that, in a world with a dearth of suitors for the plaintiff, perhaps bringing Manny Ramirez to town could actually happen, or is reported as being discussed in a more serious manner than one would think when the Red Sock previously said no thanks to Philly. The implications of this are many, as it would essentially swap a steady, stoic RF with questionable defensive abilities for a steady, eccentric, cocky-as-all-hell swaggercat (that's our term, please request permission to use it) LF with questionable defensive abilities. How much the Phans would embrace the kind of player who is supremely talented but is known to dog it remains to be seen. Quite frankly, Steven A. Smith, we could see this going either way. OF deficiencies could be very conveniently forgotten the first time a Moonshot reaches the leftfield bleachers -- at whatever distance they'll be at next year -- to cap a 9th-inning rally. That is what M to the R brings to the table.

Another ramification is, of course, who plays where in that OF? Being that Pat Burrell and Ramirez are both LF guys, someone has got to jog over to right to shag fly balls. What's the over-under on when in the season Brett Myers would first roll his eyes at a ball in RF he thought could have been caught? I am guessing, second start, first inning. Or, do the Phils turnaround and deal Burrell as well, this time for a pitcher? Bad baserunning is not enough to send a guy packing, but needing to win more one-run games certainly is and all those Pat the Bat 9th-inning strikeouts (ask about our name) has got to weigh on front office minds. It is an interesting quandary -- play one guy out of position or deal the guy who is a good friend to your new CF. Granted, this is all based on a story in the NY Post, but that's how these things start sometimes. It's certainly more plausible (and considerably more welcome) than the Eskin reported Bobby Abreu for Jason Schmidt move, a disaster waiting to happen for the Phils.

Dealing Abreu seems more than possible at this point. Dealing both corner outfielders seems almost inconceivable. Then again...

Fly us to the Moon, Manny.


At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Patrick said...

if memory serves me correct manny played RF when he was in cleveland. not 100% sure on that though. either way whats not to love about this deal?

At 2:23 PM, Blogger gr said...

i'm still very doubtful, but, in the spirit of the shawshank redepemption, i'm enjoying my little corner of hope at the moment. think of the excitement showing up each game at the park.

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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