caught looking

a blog about the philadelphia phillies. not to be confused, exactly, with "caught looking" the debut album by independent/unsigned/unheard of singer/songwriter greg roth, who is, coincidently, yours truly.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Parallel Lives

Before we get back to talking about the ballclub, we should make the announcement. In anticipation of the July 31, 4 pm EST non-waiver deadline, we've agreed to a deal that will provide some modest salary relief to our current employer as our employment moves on to a larger, more nationally-recognized organization in downtown DC. Much like Bobby and Cory, moving on to the "empire" may raise some eyebrows, but, in reality, the time had come: the current team was going to lose us sooner or later, anyway. (We didn't even have time to blog, for crying out loud.)

Our new, clean-shaven pennant race begins August 28.