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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Play-by-Play: Game #1

At 1:15 pm, the Phils opened their Spring Training preseason against the NY Yanks. Thanks to the miracles of live-blogging and and my lunch break, here's what happening:

Starting Line-up:
Shane Victorino......rf
Pat Burrell..............dh
Chase Utley............2b
Abraham Nunez......3b
Alex S. Gonzalez.....1B
Josh Kroeger............lf
Mike Lieberthal......C

RHP Sean Chicon vs. Ryan Franklin

Top 1: Phils go in order. Sean Chicon throws about 10 pitches.
Bottom 1: Johnny Damon doubles on second pitch off Ryan Franklin. Jeter, Sheffield and A-Rod go in order. Damon left at 3rd. Franklin throws about 15 pitches. He is definately a nibbler.

Top 2: Utley and Rowand pop up, Nunez gets first hit, single to right. AGonz works full count and walks. Wild pitch, runners at 2nd and 3rd. Kroeger grounds out to end inning.
Bottom 2: Giambi and B Williams single off Franklin, runners at 1st and 3rd. Posada gets SacFly, Williams to second. RBI single by Cano, Williams scores. This is what Ryan Franklin does. He gives up hits and runs. 2-0, 1 out. Damon singles.

**we duck into a meeting and we miss the Phils' two spot in the top of the third, thanks to a homer from Pat Burrell. Thoughts from here will be more recap-ish, less real time.**

I missed most of Madson's appearance, but, from what I did catch, he appeared to be throwing well. Reserves Chris Roberson and Shawn Garrett give the Phils a 5-3 lead after 6 innings.

Santana has shaky defense behind him, but gets out of top 7th with a DP. Mostly AAAA and AAA types in now. Missed Gavin Floyd's performance -- fanboards say he looked shaky and he gave up an oppositefield HR to Phillips. He did get out of the fifth by retiring A-Rod. Not as good as Madson, but much better than Franklin. Top of head guess: 2 IP, 2H 1ER, 1 BB, 1 HBP, 1K.

Bottom7: Chris Coste hits solo HR off single-A pitcher. 6-3 Phils.

Top 8: Geary pitches scoreless inning. Sal Fasano give preview of his ability to allow pitches hit the backstop at anytime. Could be a tough year behind the plate. Sandoval does not look ready to play infield with the big league club.

Phils win 6-3.
WP: Floyd
LP: Mike Myers
SV: Geory

HRs: Burrell and A. Phillips


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Pawnking said...

Madson is lookin' goooooood.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger gr said...

yeah, he looks a cut above Franklin for sure.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Pawnking said...

I'm working on a feature on Madson, but basically I don't understand why he has to compete for a spot in the rotation. He's above average in strikeout rate, BB rate, he's a groundball pitcher who can strike people out.

Maybe he won't be an ace, but he's potentially a great #2 or #3 starter, which is so much more valuable than any reliever.

Hopefully, management will agree.

At 3:59 PM, Blogger gr said...

i think the answer is, he does but he doesn't. he does because he's yet to do it and because competition, even if it is merely poerceived cometition, might be something a fire light under the seats of Tejeda, Franklin, Floyd, to straighten out their shortcomings. But if Madson turns in a #3 worthy season, the staff doesn't look so bad. Not great, but better.


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