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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Save for some unforseen outlandish occurrance, we won't be blogging about the upcoming WBC because it's a fraud event. This is spring training time, have the international minds no comprehension of what that means? It means equal parts anticipation, excitment, newness, hope, and some good weather sprinkled in, just as seasoning.

But enought of that nonsense. News from the Phils camp is light today. How light? Light enough that Jim Salisbury writes about Larry Bowa, the Yankees' new third base coach. Well, at least we don't have to suffer the uncomfortable nature of his analysis of the Phillies on ESPN's Baseball Tonight. Such inciteful phrases like "Welcome to arena baseball!" and "Philadelphia's a tough place to play." Thanks, LB. Waive that guy around, will you. Congratuations on your new job, baseball's version of a road construction "Slow/Stop" signholder.

Meanwhile, Ryan Madson is starting to get some serious ink as a serious starting candidate, although his move out of the pen is far from a done deal. Trouble is, Madson is exactly what the bullpen is missing right now. However, Madson is exactly what the rotation is missing at the same time: a young, crafty right hander with good stuff --up to 3 out pitches -- and a driven demanor. His presense ini the pen would calm a few folks down and make everyone better by virute of more suitable roles. His presense in the starting rotation would almost certainly push Brett Myers to improve more. If the Phils are serious about both Myers and 2006, not to mention Madson, then starting rotation it should be. 180 IP is better than 80 IPs any year and Madson has already demonstrated success all the way up the minor league ladder as a starter. No hyperbole here: He is as much the key to the season as anyone else on the team, perhaps the frontrunner.

One things that's nice to see, if even for the sheer preceived novelty of it, is Mike Lieberthal taking chage of Madson's repetoire, showing him how to most effectively use his various pitches. Certainly, pitching in relief and starting a game are two different animals with two different pitch selection styles, but does this not sound like the battery mates' first conversation ever? Almost makes one forget Madson has been in the league two-plus years already.

Elsewhere, David Bell has a bad back and Pat Gillick thinks he should have traded A-Rod instead of A-Griff back in his Seattle days. Most likely, there will be no such second thoughts about the Thome-Hopward mini-kerfuffle.

Finally, today's entry closes with probably the greatest example of truthiness ever witnessed on the Colbert Report, CL's absolute favorite show at the moment. Witness the genius, as our hero interview political commentator and Sharon Osborne look-a-like Arianna Huffington:

Colbert: I understand you have a blog.
Huffington: Yes, it's called the Huffington Post Blog.
Colbert: Quick question -- Which is easier to start, a blog or a lemonade stand? Because my seven-year-old son has done both.



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